"From Strangelands & Unknown Places..."
    EZERT MUSIC 2019
  • "From Strangelands & Unknown Places..."
    EZERT MUSIC 2019

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Ezert releases first official single "Renovation", available on all streaming platforms, Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Deeze...
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About EZERT [the Project]

Alex Ezert

"Always be free and curious about life... like a cat contemplating an unreacheable bird"

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Alex Ezert
Executive Production, Principal Composition, Writing, Sound Design, Mixing & Mastering.

A.K.A. 'Vegeta', 'El 13', 'El Ruso'

Ezert is the electronic alternative music solo project of Alex Ezert, the purpose of it, it's to evoke feelings and sensations of enlightment and reflection, using melodies from strangelands and unkown places.

Ezert was created on 1997 and since then Alex has been shaping intermittently the sound and direction of his solo project to finally release the single 'Renovation' on 2015, followed by a series of low budget videos but always trying to communicate strong emotions through his music.
Alex started composing music around 1991 and has been very dedicated in improving his audio engineering skills and composition abilities, has taken numerous audio courses, books, workshops and self improvement to craft high quality music each time he goes back to the studio.


Ezert's discography started on 1997 with an unofficial/unreleased experimental album followed by several demos, remixes and semi finished songs through out the following years; here will be the listing of those official and unofficial releases. (THE RELEASES WITH PADLOCK INDICATE THAT THEY ARE SOON TO BE RELEASED)


Miavono - Right Here (Ezert Remix)
This remix was produced for a remix contest organized by Warren Huart & the band Miavono.
FUN FACT: This remix was posted temporarily as an "Horizonte Lied Remix" on a secondary Soundcloud account of the band, but to be honest it was a work i did all on my own as Ezert, itwas one of those things that you want to help the band in some ways and fast, the other guys were not available at the moment, so it was a rushed decision by my part, we didn't won anyways lol, i still like this version and the song by Miavono is really sweet.
Recorded on: 2018-07-25

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"Finally An End [Renovation Album Intro] Official Video"

Posted by Ezert on June 07, 2015

"Renovation (Radio Edit) [Official Lyrics Video]"

Posted by Ezert on June 12, 2015

"Renovation [Official Video]"

Posted by Ezert on December 21, 2015
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